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A 340 Cipher (non) Solution



…that is 91% letter to letter correct in the first 10 lines.


by Harold Kravcik II


Description: Zodiac Killer 340 cipher solution, Best homophonic solution to date. 

.... an exorcist letter (non solution) "The Good Bie" by Harold Kravcik

I believe it could be  Japanese or other asian caligraphies... and I will post them shortly.

 Or how about for the sake of my solve "The Koi Killer"  below.This is my favorite because it's a visual anagram AND...

I've taken liberties with the whole strangler thing.   ;-)


340 cipher solution with highest statistical accuracy


 .... another exorcist letter (non solution) by Harold Kravcik  

(must have permission to use anything on this site)...all rights reserved.


or maybe its both .... "Bie, from the Koi Killer"


Be warned: I do a lot of thinking out load on this site. Not everything here has been held to the flame.                        Since 8/20/2012 there have been   17864  hits and    n-IP: Total visitors: 12136 IPs    to this site.          

A Thought on Bob and Courage


I was challenged by Robert Graysmiths effort and how excellent it was.

How long was his solution accepted as the best offered? And after looking at this, one may wonder if he doesn't have some part of it rite.

He has had many detractors, but till recent history, no challengers. I worked hard to improve percentages inside a gramatically, contextually correct solution. Below Is a presentation of the first 10 lines of the 340 cipher.

Any Challengers? Your work will be respected here.

I admire anyone willing to put themselves out in front of a crowd to share their ideas. It takes courage. Personally, I have not seen a solution to date that I did not admire. It is human endeavor, and that in itself should be respected. So all you puzzle solvers out there, let's keep raising the bar and maybe one day... 

On Methodology


The Zodiac Killer probably worked these out on a scrabble board. It seems he may have played with moving a few letters here and there to Confuse future solvers. There is probably a valuable set of scrabble tiles somewhere with all his cipher characters on the back.  This is the most Accurate homophonic solve ever presented that I know of.  These are complete sentences and thoughts. It should also be noted the letter in word correctness is extremely high.  If nothing else that speaks to the algorithm created to find this and other solutions like it.

I am not claiming this is THE solve. I am claiming it may, statistically, in some ways, be the best solve presented to date. And, I am not ruling out the possibility that it is partially correct or to what extent it may or may not be.


The interpretations are not set in stone. They are sometimes one of several variations.




My algorithm is programmed to only record solutions found that have patterned anagrams under 15% of solution that correct to 95% or better. The two below reached 97% each.




1.        ` = correct

2.        ~ = phonetically correct

3.        * = no explanation

4.        / = anagram    Mr. Graysmith had 23 anagrams in the first 10 lines; this has 3 that correct 8 positions, or, 4%.

Actual Character Correctness Totals:


Actual:                     155/170 91% accurate


Phonetic:                 155/170 91% accurate (one character)... an acceptable misspelling.  'Freik'


Anagram:                164/170 97% accurate and all 3 words have all letters correct.         (Only 3 positions corrected)AND they are patterned!


Unexplained:          4/170                     2%


Completed:       164/170   97% accurate


Graysmith VS Kravcik


For those who honor this solution by comparing it to Mr. Graysmith, whom I am a great fan of, here are some stats for the first 10 lines:

Go to this link   Robert Graysmiths Solution   to see what the experts tell you my solution puts them in mind of with respect to accuracy. The more I'm compared  to Bob, the happier I get.


Graysmith:                               38% accuracy (105 ERRORS)

Kravcik:                                     91% accuracy (15 ERRORS)

Graysmith anagrams:           23 (long, jumbled , unpatterned, and missing or wrong characters), many moves to count, go ahead if you have time.

Kravcik  anagrams:                3(Patterned and completely corrected with 3 moves) all single slides of a single letter. (See 'Interesting Facts'  below.)


A Perspective:   If every single character in the last 10 lines of my solution was wrong...every single one.... It would still be 46% letter to letter correct. Robert Graysmiths is 36% accurate for all 20 lines. I would still be 10 percent higher in accuracy.


To Critics and Solvers


There is no pareidolia here. At 91% accuracy it just reads. To test it , I had two middle school kids read it, no problem.  


It  is completely homophonic. No tricks, twists, or turns to follow. Tag the correct letter to letter charachters in your own solutions, count them, divide by 170. Count your anagrams and quantify & qualify them. Compare them to this and I'll post it on top if you best it. Until then,  here it is. The best solution of its kind to date.


Something VERY important for amatuer solvers to think about... You come up with good stuff!!  Don't feel conspicuous about any methodology you use or let anyone say that you should. If it wasn't for your submissions there would be nothing for us to discuss.... Professionals run programs  night and day so you know they have solutions... let's see One.. just one... with better stats than what  they malign. The methodologies they use produce word packed solutions TOO! Thats what they are designed to do. I know.. I write them and run  them concurrently with this one... But outside of obvious Noun verb adjective luck once or twice in 20 lines... they all read like  " Orang e vil shelf tune are Pen lucky" ... Word packing. So ... methodologies. hmmm.


Trusted intelligent people state unwavering critique that this methodology produces bad results using 'word' packing, excessive anagraming, liberties with spelling and wrong letters, partial word matches,and pareidolia. It's a patented knee jerk reaction to every solve they don't  like or understand. We know this is true because they will not post the 'superior' solutions created using their methodologies.... because they don't exist. It put's me in mind of Zodiac's score keeping. Us '?' them  ö. They sometimes scream and sometimes politely say 'SCIENCE!... it must be validated by SCIENCE!'  I  agree. When they write that about this solution, they never publish the stats. Here they are. Just read them. Ask them for their acceptable standards in their forums. Be prepared for long walks through very dense forrest.  Also, there is nothing to say that Zodiac didn't just throw the tiles at the board overhand from accross the room and laughingly send it off. But can you read these 10 lines and believe that?  Detractors will sarcastically belch " More anagrams please".. Objective analysts will simply state " There are 3 patterned acceptable anagrams". The solution is 91% accurate... how  anagramed can it be?


Take this solution to a proffesor of literature, atheoretical physisist, some middle school kids and see what they say. I did.


So, it must have gramatic and subject stability according to the 'graders'. This one does; however, Personally, I could accept one that read like a psychotic break. Because... I wasn't with Z when (he/she they) wrote it.


The Solution

(permutation # ?)...first 10 lines.

See definitions at bottom of page. Click here to see how it read to a proffesor of literature.

91% letter to letter correct

Completed:       164/170   97% accurate


Line Stats: Letter to Letter accuracy


her>9  LAv-p-Ki   0ltg   )D              Actual:       16/17         94%

Folle  ief-t-wo   aliv   Li             

Folle, lef-t-wo   aliv.  Li-                                              

`````  +`` ` ``   ````   ``


n9  +b12o@d  wy.<   $kF|                 Actual:       17/17         100%

ke  knowing  Noel   Hide                       

ke  knowing  Noel.  Hide-

``  ```````  ````   ````


b  YIC   m  +uzg  w1|l  2Zhj             Actual:       17/17         100%

n  gag   I  kniv  Noel  wife

n- gag,  I  kniv  Noel  wife.

`  ```   `  ````  ````  ````


s99  3AL#$  v89o+  +rk)                  Actual:       14/17         82%

see  Leigh  freik  klil                  phonetic:     15/17         88%

See  Leigh, freak  kill-                 Anagram:      16/17         94%

```  `````  ```~`  `//`                  (one move)    slide ‘i’

                                         Total:        17/17        100%


5%   m +ZTR Di!  fp  +]*K/               Actual:       16/17         94%

er   I kiss ioo  It  knows              

er.  I Kiss too. It  knows

``   ` ```` *``  ``  `````


9#rA  fLo  -$Dc  Kf>)  d1                Actual:       17/17         100%

egle  iii  shit  will  go                and phonetic

egle  III  Shit  will  go               

````  ```  ````  ````  ``


2!+k  q@  J  )u  Cxg  v.Zli              Actual:       13/17         77%

woki  rn  a  ln  gov  feilo              Anagram:      16/17         94%

work  in  a  ln. gov. feild.             (one move)    slide ‘r’

``//  /`  `  ``  ```  ````*


1g)Jf  R2o+5  nyZ  +4l%                  Actual:       14/17         83%

ovLed  swike  koi  kilr                  Anagram:      17/17         100%

Loved  swike  koi  kilr.                 (one move)    slide ‘L'

///``  `````  ```  ````


D  <m+B  +zr)fbC  YaO * k                Actual:       17/17         100%

I  like  killing  God-o I

I  like  killing. God-o I        

`  ````  ```````  ``` ` `                  


-ZLu  v+Aj  +o93<fbY-                    Actual:       14/17         82%

siin  Fkee  Kiellings

sign  Free  Ki*llings?

``*`  `*``  ``*``````


4% anagramed .... perfect patterned corrections.


The back half gets UGLY folks!!!

But wait… the first 10 lines used to be just as bad, it may just get a may even have a higher percentage, or, has it already?! ;-)


A Back Half (non) Solution

another sample work from the halgorithm

This is not my only solution this good for the back 10...and it is a seperate

key from above. But as I'll publish soon. One that makes sense. (ö) This is a

sample of what my halgorithm can accomplish. Note a fall in letter to letter

accuracy? Note the increase in letter in word accuracy.

All you solvers out there... look at this key, then look at the above key... notice anything?

87% letter to letter correct

Completed:       164/170   97% accurate

The most amazing thing is this starts at line 10... I programmed my software to solve 11-20... But looking up one line I saw this solution:

Also plug  in the key...the first line gave me chills. In this solution Line One of Twenty has the word 'DEVIL' in a sentence laid over the cipher characters GOD .. with the d backwards at the end of line one. That coincidence is simply too much... at least for me...and one reason is,

The words Mohael, Semael, and Tehael are all in this solve correctly, unanagramed. These are 3 of the angels on the gnostic list of fallen angels that left heaven with lucifer, and the word DEVIL over the word God in line one??? Another, coincidence....? Maybe.

Semael is the angel of death...


-ZL uv+ Aj+o93 < fbY-                                Actual        12/17          71%

ATN LEE UNEEIL G AEMA   ( ala Graysmith)             Anagramed     16/17          94%         All letters correct


``` ``` ``*``` / //`/ 


u+r/! Teid yb  9 Btm ko                              Actual         17/17          100%



````` ```` ``  ` ``` ``


)<C  Lrji  $!t*  m.+ ]bf                             Actual         17/17          100%



```  ````  ````  ``` ```  


ZO  %sY2+n   i!fb C1J# r                             Acutal        14/17           83%

TH  SEMAEL   EHAE HIGH I                             Anagramed     16/17           94%        one letter incorrect


``  ``````   */// ```` `


L gfnAF !)*B  .Cv* T++                               Actual         16/17           94%



` ````` ``*`  ```` ``` 


Ybx0 $I*  %ce >v uz  !-+                             Actual         17/17          100%

MEAT TOY  SEE ME LT  HAE                              ...see definitions below


```` ```  ``` `` ``  ```   


iC .8 Zb k1o 9  A     .Fm  qg)

EH TO TE-LIE I  U     TEA. NVI                       Actual         15/17           88%  

HE TO TELLIE I, You,  TEA. NVI                       Anagramed     17/17          100%

// `` `` ``` `  `     ```  ```


r Ct+l 0Oc <+fLwbi |l                                Actual         15/17            88%



` ```` ``` ``````* `/


++ |wc ZwC  posht /1 |9                              Actual        14/17            83%

EE DIE TIH  SEEKE GI DI                              Anagramed     17/17           100%        All letters correct.


'' ''` /`/  ````/ `` `` 


ifKD  w<3Tb, 5 yob$ -c C                              Actual        12/17            71%

EAGL  IGLSE, I MEET AE H                              Anagramed     16/17            94%        All letters correct.


````  `/`/`  ` ```` // /


>mdh  n9  KsZ zo# aikJ+                              Actual        11/17            65%

MASK. LI  GET TEH AELGE                              Anagramed     17/17           100%         All letters correct.


````  ``  ``` `// ////` 


12% anagramed   .... one letter in 10 lines missing or wrong.  And , they are patterned.  My algorithm only allows for patterned anagrams.


(Presidential assasinations???)

  He is Samuel Byke. He has much in common with the Zodiac and I don't mean looks. But..hmmmm.  Many of these disconnedted people have many traits in common. He tried to assasinate Nixon in 74, the year Zodiac disappeared.


If you plug this key in ... the first 10 has interesting lines as well.


© Harold Kravcik II ...

All rights reserved .... You must have permission to use or copy anything on this site.



Interesting Facts


In  Laotian :        "Su koi maen" = "My Name is"

Below is the famous 'My Name Is' cipher  using this solutions key.


340 cipher solution with highest statistical accuracy      Look at line 8 in the solve: Z calls himself KOI ...


Zodiac signed the exorcist letter with a crib from the mikado. A crib from KoKo's lines. Why hasn't anyone made that leap?

The most obvious conclusion is that he is saying his name is KoKo.  Or maybe... Koi

In Japanese KOKO means HERE.  Z writes...  "I am HERE, I have always been HERE."

The below is from the Mikado:

And ‘St – ‘st – ‘st – and What’s-his-name

The above is the exact pattern of the my name is cipher.

I also have reason to believe it could be...



O OK  NAKAMAS KOI ... or other asiatic names.

Koi is a Japanese name. It is also common in other asiatic nations.

A Japanese friend of mine told me Koi most often means Loved. So line 8 could read:


Loved, swike           Koi     Kilr.         ...or

Loved, treaterous  loved killer.

In  Laotian :        "Su koi maen" = "My Name is"  We were fighting a war in NAM???  Last cipher character 'M' ...back to the front and first 3 letters.... 'MAEN' .  Su koi maen

Nam Koi

The last anyone ever heard from Z, ..... Was the year the vietnam war ended.

This is an actual composite of the Zodiac.

340 cipher solution with highest statistical accuracy   He looks very asiatic to me and my asiatic acquaintances. Even woman-like.

...may I introduce to you .... Koi .... an actual resident in the area at that time? I have many Hmong neighbors. One aged Hmong neighbor looked at it and said, " He looks like he's from Laos. Definetly from there." I was gob smacked.

Fable of the KOI:  When a strong tenacious koi fish (carp) manages to negotiate a mystical creek swimming upstream and reaches its end.. it becomes a DRAGON! .... dragon letter?  pareidolia.

He calls himself 'KOI' in the solve. Koi is a Japanese and asiatic name. ( Mikado)  The main character in 'The Mikado' is KOKO... the executioner.

Given this: I now believe the 'LN' in front of 'GOV' could mean Laotian.... by the by LN is the correct abbreviation  for loatian.

Yao in the cipher line 9 ... is transcribed as God ... in Laos it means barbarian. It would read... I Like Killing barbarians. Do I sign free killings?

Halloween Card:  The skeletons right hand, making the OK sign, but look at it... the K is before the O ... KO  AND... the number 14 is on his hand.   He is saying KO - 14   cops - 0.  Have these observations have not been made yet? OK ... KO .... KOKO. He's infering his name.And, what is the repeating graphic? An eye.. or maybe "I" "KOI" In the solve... the repeating III could be eye..or the roman numeral reading.."It knows eagle eye ( or III)." Or he could just be waxing " I, I, I".

340 cipher solution with highest statistical accuracy.... this even made me laugh when I did it... "Look and ye shall find". Ki means new life. 340 cipher solution with highest statistical accuracy

The first cipher character 'A'  appears twice in the 340, the word 'GOD' appears twice in the solve. Both times ,cipher 'A'  is the 'O' in , solve 'God'. It is also in the middle of  'NAM' (NAM = NAME) in the 'My name is' cipher,  just as it is in the middle of 'God' in the solve ???? Z leaves the 'e' off the end of words...this is known. In the solve, he signs 'GODIAK' as his name in the last six positions in the 340.


The only direct translation to an English name I could find was Hawiian... Koi = Troy .   Troy Houghton?

Koi is a very versitial word and name with many meanings depending on context in asian languages. It is also a Native American  Name.

340 cipher solution with highest statistical accuracy in the bomb location cipher... exact mirror image of the end of the MNI cipher

340 cipher solution with highest statistical accuracy... saying ' am Koi Fox' ? 'am flech fox'  ? ' Mat Koi' ? .... pareidolia for sure... but that's where we start.




First Line... He/She did leave two alive!




LIne Four ... The author addresses the most famous suspect ever, Arthur Leigh Allen in the first person.




Look at line 6 and 7... then read the below .  I found this today. Aug 16, 2012.  Coincidence? ...and , this solution was published  before this letter from Z.

340 cipher solution with highest statistical accuracyIn my solve in lines 6 and 7, before this letter was public, I deciphered...

'WILL GO WORK IN A LN. GOV. FEILD'  ....  and then in this letter


..... sweet Coincidence.

Also note,  He starts every sentence with "I"  III  .... look familiar? my solve.




340 cipher solution with highest statistical accuracy            At the end of the first line of the cipher G-O-D  with the D backwards..indicating forward then back... God  dog ....

In my solution... there is a vertical 'God Dog Gilt' that is the bottom half of a celtic cross (his hood, his signature) with the word Killing as the cross beam in line nine.. dead center of the solve.There is a 'KKK Koon Fire' in the back half as well.... On a diagonal... To get the halloween card character... you have to flip the word for God over .... satan. This is a known KKK idiom, that God Dog relationship.


And the symbol that looks like an F on one end on the Halloween card….. is one of the exact gnostic symbols for Yao or God which is in this solving….. line 9.   

 Coincidence,coincidence, coincidence, coincidence.



....and under honorable mention, The slide letters in the anagrams in order are  i-r-l    ... I would add a 'g' and make  "GIRL". The  mistakes just before and just after the anagrams are the 'a' in freik, and the 'g' in sign. Just before and after the anagrams respectively... spellling " A  IRLG" ... or a slide of the G .... (staying rite inside this pattern of anagrams...IN THE SAME PATTERN?)  "A Girl"   .. an anagram ... in the anagrams?   Clever.  But let's not accept anagrams g-r-a-m-a-s-a-n-s  (interpreted as 'grey masons') . The pro's don't want us using them.. I say, use away. Just keep it cool. "It's more fun than getting your ..."   ;-)

More fun with this one, Okay... This anagram and the first anagramed word " A Girl Killer" ....Complete sentence using the anagramed words.... "Freak Girl Killer, work, love, and sign."  now that could  be pareidolia.  hmmm ???   Z was a girl killer, his/her(they) work was killing, Z loved it, and Z signed Z's work.....



About The Very Few Mistakes



A list (incomplete i.e.  'troulbe' , 'goverment', 'foreget' from above letter) of some of Zodiac's known misspellings from David Oranchacks site:


booboos, closeing, comidy, darck, idenity, pepermint, raceing, shakeing, srounded, symbionese, twiched, victom, waveing, xmass, averly, butons, circut, efective, unspoiling, woeman, accid, bluber, runnig, figgure, fryst, intersting, teritory, triger, truley, aprox, brunett, posibly, twich, dificult, dungen, experence, pleass, provences, thoes, rubed, wateing, nineth, lyeing, hapen, buton, noze, useing, fireing, frunt, efect, christmass, committ, toschi, anamal, paradice, howers, allways, roat, cene, abot, extreamly, evere, oute, mery, doo, bussy, complet, som   

abnormily, anilating, cicles, claif, commic, consternt, controol, coupples, crackproof, cruzeing, cyipher, dangeroue, descise, disconect, entirle, epasode, hummerest, idiout, impriest, inthusastic, meannie, meannies, motorcicles, nucences, orginast, origionaly, paterned, pestulentual, phomphit, phraises, positivily, saterical, seranader, shabbly, silowets, singurly, sloi, swiches, thashing, thingmebob, unnoticible, ventalate, wachmacallit, whashisname, whrite, wipeing

Has Z ever left the 'e' off the end of words ?  Yes.  Aliv .... Kniv ...

Has Z ever added letters to words, and is the most common 'e' ? Yes.   Kiellings ...

In fact, is there a single example or concern in these 10 lines that is not represented and precedenced in Zodiac's  previous writtings? No.





Yao”  IS  the  word for GOD in Gnosticism…and it is in line 9. It is also the word for barbarian in Laotian.



Folle m and f (m and f plural folli)

  1. mad; insane
  2. (of a gear wheel) idle


  1. Swike means: v.To deceive, cheat; betray
  2. v.To stop, blin, cease
  3. adj. Deceitful; treacherous
  4. n. Deceit; treachery
  5. n. A deceiver; betrayer, traitor
  6. n. A hiding place; den; cave




  1. (esp. of a woman) Making a pretense of shyness or modesty that is intended to be alluring but is often regarded as irritating.
  2. Reluctant to give details, esp. about something regarded as sensitive.


Thank you, I will.

Z, did you enjoy the back half? if this is all starting to add up, drop me a KFRG at

 340 cipher solution with highest statistical accuracy340 cipher solution with highest statistical accuracy340 cipher solution with highest statistical accuracy340 cipher solution with highest statistical accuracy340 cipher solution with highest statistical accuracy@ 340 cipher solution with highest statistical accuracy340 cipher solution with highest statistical accuracy340 cipher solution with highest statistical accuracy340 cipher solution with highest statistical accuracy340 cipher solution with highest statistical accuracy340 cipher solution with highest statistical accuracy340 cipher solution with highest statistical accuracy340 cipher solution with highest statistical accuracy340 cipher solution with highest statistical accuracy.COM

If you approve, I'll ÄaP6+¦ô the rest with your kiinnd permission....and thanks for the help, it was invaluable.

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